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Some wedding traditions are so much a part of our cultural consciousness that we sometimes don’t think to research or consider what they mean and where they come from. The fact is, while there’s nothing wrong with keeping these customs and giving them your own meaning in this day and age, some of these traditions have roots that are downright shocking (for example, the original function of the best man was to act as a bodyguard to the groom to protect him from the very real threat of assassination, and the garter toss evolves from the alarming practice of wedding guests stripping the bride to her skivvies in preparation for the honeymoon) and many couples now prefer to hold marriage ceremonies entirely of their own design.

Although a really good wedding happens when all of the elements work well together, the top priority as far as material goods are concerned should be the wedding bands. They are the only items or wearables that will get any use beyond the day of the ceremony, so before the cake or even the clothes, the rings should be the couple’s main concern. Modern wedding bands provide many more options than the old-school standards of domed, gold, and plain. Particularly, elements like other precious stones, eternity styles, and cutting-edge metals like titanium, ceramic, and tungsten have opened the door to perfectly personalized contemporary rings.

Tungsten carbide rings, commonly abbreviated as “tungsten rings” are perhaps the most modern choice one can make in picking the right jewelry for a cutting-edge contemporary wedding. These rings are very hard and strong, scratch-resistant, and tarnish-proof, and they look great with a brushed or polished finish, laser etching, and all of the other distinctive design accents tungsten rings and the related technology make possible.

As far as the day of goes, music is an integral part of the wedding ceremony— who doesn’t immediately recall the strains of the wedding march whenever the subject of these ceremonies comes up? But it’s your day, so never feel limited to doing something just because it’s always been done. I was a bridesmaid in some beatifully unique weddings for friends last fall, and one bride entered the chapel to a string quartet playing the Beatles’ “In My Life”, while the other wedding took place in a historical theater and made use of the “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack.

Another factor to consider is the flowers. In the past wedding flowers were limited by convention to only a few types of flowers in mostly white. Most weddings aren’t bound by that rule anymore, though, and details as varied as fiddlehead ferns and Swarovski crystals accenting orange lilies to metal sculpture and peacock feathers standing in for the standard floral bouquets have made today’s wedding stand out in a wonderfully creative way.

The point is, in this modern age where we can be and do anything we dream of without being limited by social convention of the past, our dream weddings are within reach as well.

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