Ultimate Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Getting married is one of the most important occasions in many families history’s. Whether getting married in a registry office, a church, or on a cliff surrounded by helicopters, it is an excuse for girls to waste lots of time, effort, and money on dressing up in expensive and impractical mother of the bride dresses. It isn’t just the girl who is getting married, all of the women get in on it.

The role of matriarch must reflect dignity and womanhood, but also maturity and intelligence with her dress. While it is important for her to look strong and womanly, her outfit must avoid the vulnerability so implicitly insinuated in the bridal gown. The woman of the family must reflect a different beauty, more matured like a fine wine, or a venerable oak.

The fashion at the moment is to wear fairly neutral colors, so as not to stand out. The virginal white of her daughter would not be appropriate for the mother, and to wear a slightly subtler shade such as maroon or lavender would better suit the role.

The exact shade should be governed by the season of the wedding. Spring and summer weddings it is tradition for mum to wear slightly off white colors or pastel greens, whereas in autumn and winter grays and browns are more suitable. As a rule of thumb, the color should blend into the background and in no way offset the brides purity.

With regards to design simplicity is the key. Again something to divert the focus onto the daughter without making it too obvious what you are doing. The mother of the bride has to look like a strong and powerful figure rather than a pathetic drooling imbecile. Her job is to nod approvingly and smile at guests, nothing more and nothing less.

Just because it is the daughter that is getting married, it doesn’t mean that her mom can’t look fabulous with so many elegant and stylish mother of the bride dresses.

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