Tips For Planning A Las Vegas Wedding

Whether you choose a Las Vegas wedding to speed up your marriage or plan the event for months, there are certain decisions to be made before the big day. Planning your event in advance can help to ease the stress you encounter as the special event draws closer.

You might think deciding on a Vegas setting eliminates some decisions but you need to determine how big the ceremony will be. Larger weddings with more coordination requirements might be best handled through an event coordinator. Before choosing someone to take part in planning this special day of your life, speak with several candidates to find the right match for you.

Selecting the kind of location you want is an important early planning step. Other ceremony details tie into the type of wedding you choose. Churches, chapels, park pavilions and ballrooms are a few of the options you will find in Vegas.

Hotel wedding packages are available and include arrangements for the ceremony such as officials, photographers and flowers. These packages may also allow you to reduce your budget by offering discounts on the honeymoon stay. Most hotel planners have documents and pictures to share via email allowing you to visualize what they can offer. Discuss what is included in the package with the hotel agent before making any agreements.

Find out the legal rules for marriage in Las Vegas before you get on the plane. The city bureaus can inform you of paperwork required to receive the marriage license and how much time you need to get everything done. Knowing this information in advance lets you get to town and get the license before your big day arrives. Your local wedding coordinator can explain these requirements to you.

If your wedding plans include hosting a reception, you should plan the event before arriving in Vegas. If it is just the two of you, decide whether you would like to have a cake somewhere following your ceremony. Otherwise, choose food types and a location for your reception depending on whether you want a full dinner served or just light foods for the party. If your group of attendants and family is small, a party room at a restaurant may be an option.

Unless you want to drive across town in your pickup truck wearing your gown, make transportation plans to get from your hotel to the marriage venue and from that location to wherever the reception is held. You also need to determine where you will be dressing and arrange transportation of sufficient size to accommodate the size of your dress.

Reception music is another plan-ahead item. Once you and your spouse choose the style of entertainment you want, search for local bands or find the names of DJs through Internet searches. Alternatively, ask how to contract groups who routinely perform at the reception location when you book the room.

Planning ahead will help make your Las Vegas wedding a memorable day in your life without upsetting glitches during the events. A little advance research and decision-making can get the wheels in motion and take a few things off your pre-wedding jitters list. Read more about: Las Vegas Wedding

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