Some Cheating Signs You Should Know

When you see cheating signs you should begin to question what your spouse is possibly doing. Unless you don’t really care about that. But in most cases most spouses will agree that cheating in a relationship is not conducive to a long lasting marriage. These signs can also be noticed from boyfriends or girlfriends.

Some of these cheating signs may not apply to everyone; this is a general list that can be used to help you figure out if your loved one may be cheating. But don’t ever jump to a conclusion, because maybe you’re wrong.

One of the more obvious mistakes that a cheating spouse may make is that of using the wrong soap. You know you have Irish Spring at home, and when the spouse takes a shower in the morning they will smell like that. But if they smell all fresh and clean when they come home, but have Dove or some other soap smell on them, it might be a cheating sign. Noticing discrepancies in your bank account is another way you may find out that your spouse may be cheating. Sudden drops in the amounts that are deposited even though the checks are the same.

When a cell phone rings or the home phone, does your spouse seem to speak quieter? Or does it seem like there are a lot more hang ups when you answer the phone. Do a reverse phone search if you have caller ID. Not that all the time the number will show up, but it’s worth a shot to end your spouse’s cheating ways.

Computers are a haven for cheating signs. Email accounts being added, a separate one that you may not even know about. Or even closing down the computer suddenly when you walk into the room. Shutting a window quickly when they feel you are entering the room can mean they were sending their lover a note.

Communication in your relationship goes to almost nothing. Cheating spouses will be preoccupied with other things, ideas of how to get out of the house being one. When they are thinking of these things they will not converse with you as freely as they once might have. If you never had great communication this may not be the best cheating signs to look for.

Noticing a lack of sex in a relationship is another possible cheating sign. Again like the communication though if you have never had an active sex life with your spouse cheating signs in this area are not the best to base your fears on.

Finally, there are many more cheating signs that you can look for. But remember if you have never had a very good relationship it may have been something that was bound to happen eventually.

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