Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner

Many brides-to-be, knowing the amount of details that need to be scheduled and organized for their wedding, choose to work with a Wedding Planner. This can be a blessing to personal schedules that are already crammed with appointments, social engagements and job requirements.

When you start hunting for a good Wedding Planner for your wedding, you will probably be faced with several local choices. Before doing anything, ask your married girlfriends for recommendations if they used a Wedding Planner. If not, ask at work and your relatives for recommendations. Even if you only get stories abut the Wedding Planner from Hell, at least you will know who not to contact.

Don’t just select one from the phone book or from a list of possible choices. Interview them all before you choose and write down their answers. The person you choose is going to plan your wedding and you need someone you feel comfortable with and can speak openly with.

Before you ask any questions, it might be a good idea to give your planner candidates an explanation of your wedding dream, your vision. They can better judge the cost of things when they know what you want.

Here are some questions to ask:

The first thing you might want to know is how many weddings she has planned. Ask for local references and check them. Ask to see photos of local weddings she’s planned. Ask if she will be the one planning your wedding or will an assistant be doing it.

Ask about her fees. You need to know if she charges a flat fee, an hourly rate or a percentage of the actual wedding cost or budget. Get a detailed, printed copy of what is included in her fee. Check it over carefully and make sure it includes everything she might be called upon to handle, like phone calls, vendor meetings, emails, to name a few.

You will want to know about the deposits she requires and how/when she wants to get paid. Will she take care of paying the vendors if you give her checks for each one?

Ask if her fees include planning the rehearsal dinner, showers or any other parties you might want to have. Give her a close estimate of your wedding
budget and make sure she can work within it.

There are several physical items you will need as your journey to your wedding ceremony unfolds. Ask if you will get a checklist from her detailing all the items you need to accomplish and a timeline for the wedding day.

You will need more than several vendors and there are a few questions you should ask during the interview. Does she know vendors who can work within your budget and personal style? Can she get discounts with those vendors? Does she know where you can save money and still get a quality product or service?

It would beĀ  important to know if she has a wedding planned for the same day as yours, or even for the same weekend. Who will take over for her if she gets ill or has an accident and cannot be at your wedding and reception?

Another critical question is will she coordinate with all the vendors on the day of the wedding? How about the caterers for the reception? Does she have suggestions for affordable reception sites and hotels or motels for the overnight guests? Does she know any that give wedding guest discounts?

Even though this list seems like you are interviewing for sainthood, don’t make a mistake of not finding out everything you need to know to make your wedding day special and memorable. Ask questions that might not be covered here. It’s your wedding, make it what you want it to be.

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