Prepping Up For The Big Day With Pre Wedding Photography

The actual wedding day is not the only time that the couples who plan to exchange I Do’s have to spend on. They have to allocate time for their honeymoon after the important day, as well as their pre wedding photography session.

The pictorial session where the future husband and wife pose for a series of images is called pre wedding photography. The shots make good addition to the wedding album and memories. Also, they can be featured during the wedding itself, and are often added in the invitations and thank-you cards.

Although not all soon-to-be-married couples brave a pre-nuptial photography session, it is highly urged that they do so. Pre wedding photo sessions, or sometimes known the engagement shoot, not only produces great photographs worth showing to your friends, it also builds good relationship with your wedding photographer.

Pre-nuptial shooting used to be highly formal and stiff. Engaged pairs then were either photographed with a close-up shot or with a full body angle together. The style today becomes more and more informal. Couples are now opting for more playful and inventive styles.

If you are holding your pre wedding photography in Singapore, you can choose from numerous lovely locations in the nation that will sure enough set the mood for a romantic shoot. Here are a few of the best locations the small yet powerful Southeast Asian nation has to offer:

The first pre wedding photography location in the list is Fort Canning, a favorite meeting spot of lovers. For those who want rustic feel and private places enclosed in peculiar greenery, this is the perfect place.

Next is the ever popular Sentosa resort. The site is the ideal setting for the bride and groom who cannot decide whether they want an urbanized backdrop for their pre wedding photography shoot or a nature-inspired location. The Sentosa offers plenty of themes to select from so couples need not to have to go to other places if they want a different backdrop.

Having pre-nuptials photo shoots helps make the bride and groom feel relaxed with being photographed together, which then prepares them for their actual wedding day. And while the photographer has his individual creative manner, the bride and groom are encouraged to suggest what final result they want to make the whole shoot a success.

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