Pre Wedding Photography – What It Does For Your Love Story

Each wedding has a love story behind it. Your guests may know that yours gets a sweet ending at the altar, but not everyone knows how your love story came to be. To help recite the episode of your life heading to the wedding day, get pre wedding photography.

Sometimes called the engagement photo session, pre wedding photography is held ahead of the big day itself. They not just make an excellent addition to your wedding album, but the photos on the pre wedding session can also be shown in a slide show at the ceremony.

You don’t have to act out each part of your life beginning from the moment you set eyes on each other. Pre wedding photography presents more than what happened, but what you and your partner both feel for each other.

The good thing about this is that there are no rules when it comes to settings on pre-wedding shoots. The engagement photo session can be taken at gorgeous surroundings such as at a private beach, on a hill top, or even at a roof top of a skyscraper. Or you can go for unconventional places, such as an apparently uninteresting sidewalk, an old abandoned house, or even a children’s playground.

Remember to have fun on your pre-nuptial shoot. Choose a place and theme that best reflect what you two feel for each other.

The setting helps make the whole picture, but remember that it is just a background for your love story. It won’t matter where you hold your photo session as long as you and your partner are at ease with each other in front of the camera. What makes the whole pre wedding photo shoot worthwhile to look at and to value for life is the love you two feel for each other that will be echoed on the prints.

Weddings are not only considered the sweet ending of a long courtship for couples, they are also the beginning of a fresh chapter for the bride and groom. Immortalize your love story in photos with pre wedding photography even before you commence your new life together.

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