Planning a Wedding – Wedding Entertainment

Planning a wedding can be one of life’s toughest challenges; choosing a wedding dress, organising invitations, honey moon and wedding entertainment are all huge and difficult decisions.

Tackling each step one by one and taking great care over each can help ensure that your day goes as smoothly as possible. Make a few wrong decisions and they can prove disastrous!

Here we will take a look at hiring your wedding entertainment. It may be an idea to ask family members for what their preferences may be but remember; the Bride is the most important person on HER special day! Some wedding entertainers can cater for a variety of different needs.

It’s most important to take into account what the bride wants. If she would like Karaoke but you know it may not sit well with everyone else, try to get her to see things from a different perspective. A happy party makes a happy bride on the day, so you could perhaps try to find a happy medium!

Don’t let your heart rule your head when making the booking decision, a friend of mine booked his nephews band to play at his wedding. Needless to say it ended up a disaster when they did not know the words to some of the songs and could barely play the instruments!

Try to find experienced wedding singers who know how to keep the performance understated yet fitting to your requirements. Make some calls to local entertainers and see if they are willing to fulfil your requirements. Some entertainers can perform a multitude of different entertainment roles, childrens entertainment, disco, acoustic sets etc.. Check to see if the wedding entertainer has a website with pictures, video and testimonials to see what they are like before making a decision.

Try to spend as much time as possible researching your wedding entertainment, it could be the most important performance of your life!

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