Facts You Ought To Know Concerning Divorce

Divorce is the last termination of a marriage. This means the canceling of all marital responsibilities and duties that are imposed by law between the married parties. Usually marriage annulment requires the involvement of a court or any other legal authority to terminate the union.

The process also involves many other factors associated with a divorce for example child support, child custody, spouse support, property distribution and debt division as well. In many countries, the divorce does not necessarily annul the marriage completely as though it was wrong ab initio, rather it just cancels the responsibilities of the parties.

Divorce is governed by many laws and these laws vary around the globe. For instance in the Philippines, people there are not allowed to divorce, this is also true in the Vatican and Malta was the last country to ratify divorce laws into their systems, countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland also made these laws quite recently.

Before, there was a requirement that any party that wished to seek for a divorce had to show cause of this petition, this is however no longer the case. The causes that one had to prove were like abandonment, infidelity, dissertation and the like. There have however been some statutes that have been introduced that do not require one to show cause.

Many of these counties like the UK, Canada, Australia and the united Sates have incorporated these statutes in their laws, they are referred to as no fault statutes. The condition that you had to show cause was revised and one only need to state that here irreconcilable differences and that will be sufficient cause to terminate the union.

There are some instances however when the courts will have to consider faults of an individual. This is especially so when the court is hearing matters concerning child custody or debt and property division. The court will investigate any claims of cruelty, neglect, abandonment, violence and so on and this will play a major role in deciding the matter.

In most countries, a dissolution of marriage has to be satisfied by a trial magistrate for it to be legal. The court will at times also take into consideration any agreements that were made prior the marriage, after the marriage and as the marriage continued. In the U. S however, such agreements can only be enforceable if they were in written form.

Many times there arises a contested divorce. This is where some issues in the dissolution of the marriage are under contention and these will have to be decided in a court room in trial level. This is an expensive venture as the parties will most likely have to pay for a lawyers time. However there are some other methods that can be used in deciding these matters.

In some countries, the condition that the marriage has to be certified by a trial judge is not applied, the only requirement is that the parties should have consented to the divorce and also there should not be any other contentious issue between the parties as regards to the Ontario Divorce.

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