Choosing a Flower Girl and Picking a Flower Girl Dress

Having a flower girl is a nice way of honoring a young girl in your life and making her a part of your wedding day. She follows behind the bridesmaids, sometimes before and sometimes after the maid of honor, with a basket of flowers, scattering them down the aisle. The flower girl’s appearance signals the bride‘s arrival. One of the fun parts of planning a wedding is looking through all the flower girl dresses before picking the perfect one. In the following you will find tips and advice on choosing a flower girl, preparing her for her role, and finding the precious dress for her to wear.

A flower girl is usually as young as 3 years old and can be as old as 8. She can come from the family of a close friend or she can be a member of your own family, like a niece or a cousin. Whomever you chose, she is sure to be adorable and will easily put a smile on the faces of those who attend the ceremony. Even though they are cute, small children are likely to act up at some point. The bride can prepare for this in advance by sitting down with the little one and going through the role of a flower girl, maybe with the help of a fun picture book about this part of the ceremony.

One of the bridesmaids should be appointed to look after the flower girl during the ceremony. She might need someone to hold her hand, and someone to take her to her parents after her moment in the spotlight is over. The parents of the flower girl should be seated close to the isle for easy access and in a place where they can easily see their little girl’s big moment. It is especially vital that the flower girl uses the bathroom before the wedding begins. No matter what happens don’t be too worried about the flower girl making a mistake. Guests will think it’s cute if she makes a few blunders.

An older girl may be more suited for a job such as reader or junior bridesmaid. If your only choices are unsuitable or not that close to you, there is no reason why you have to have a flower girl. The flower girl will also appear in wedding photos and, if the bride and groom wish, will be announced by the disc jockey at the reception and take part in the first dance. It’s your choice whether you want the flower girl to attend the reception. This may make a long day for a small child, so don’t be offended it her parents take her home. Providing a babysitting service for guests with young children is another option so the flower girl could play with the other kids when not having her picture taken or being announced by the disc jockey.

It can be fun to pick the flower girl’s dress. Usually the bride will pick a small version of her dress for the flower girl. Or the bride can pick a simple white dress with a sash that will match her wedding colors. Some brides even pick a smaller version of the bridesmaid dress for the little one. Dressing the flower girl in white is probably the most popular idea. White symbolizes purity and sweetness. Whatever dress you choose just make sure it is an age appropriate version and not necessarily an exact match of what the adult ladies are wearing. The dress should be comfortable and of course not too long with some simple age appropriate jewelry to compliment it. No matter what look you pick for the little one, she is sure to be a big hit. Having a flower girl at your wedding can add to the fun. It will make a day for her remember and cherish almost as much as you do!

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