Ultimate Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Getting married is one of the most important occasions in many families history’s. Whether getting married in a registry office, a church, or on a cliff surrounded by helicopters, it is an excuse for girls to waste lots of time, effort, and money on dressing up in expensive and impractical mother of the bride dresses. It isn’t just the girl who is getting married, all of the women get in on it.

Choosing a Flower Girl and Picking a Flower Girl Dress

Having a flower girl is a nice way of honoring a young girl in your life and making her a part of your wedding day. She follows behind the bridesmaids, sometimes before and sometimes after the maid of honor, with a basket of flowers, scattering them down the aisle. The flower girl’s appearance signals the bride’s arrival. One of the fun parts of planning a wedding is looking through all the flower girl dresses before picking the perfect one. In the following you will find tips and advice on choosing a flower girl, preparing her for her role, and finding the precious dress for her to wear.

Bridesmaid Gripes

Being a bride is a moment some women have waited their whole lives for. However, to actually get every detail to turn out the way a bride has been planning it in her head since she was a little is next to impossible! A word of warning for anyone who is involved in the wedding planning process, because when things to go as the bride expects, watch out for bridezilla! To make matters worse, the bride might not be the only one who is upset with how the wedding is turning out. Have you ever seen a line of comfortable and unhappy bridesmaids, forced into dresses they hate? That’s right, the bridesmaid dresses are a very critical choice and can mean a wedding line full of happy, beautiful, confident women, or can mean “watch out this smile is fake and I cannot wait to get out of this hideous dress!”

Your Grandmother’s Wedding

Vintage Wedding

There’s a lot of interest in vintage weddings today, with stores catering to brides and featuring copies of vintage wedding gowns and other items that sparkle with echoes from the past. The wedding fashions that set off your grandmother’s or great grandmother’s wedding were defined by the events of the time. 1920’s Vintage Wedding Style […]

Picking Just The Right Veil

Picking Just The Right Veil

The veil is probably the ultimate bridal accessory. It’s optional unless you have a religious requirement, but many people still decide to go with one. Here’s a guide to how to find the veil that’ll be right for you, your ceremony, and the style of wedding gown you’ve chosen for your big day. The perfect […]

Bridesmaid Dresses Tips

Bridesmaid Dresses Tips

If you’re planning a wedding, one thing you’ll need to factor in is what the bridesmaids are going to wear. We’ve all heard horror stories about brides who choose hideous gowns that just don’t suit the women wearing them. No one wants to be Bridezilla! Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to pick bridesmaid dresses that look […]