How To Give The Best Bridesmaid and Best Man Wedding Toast

So now you have gone and done it for yourself. You went and got yourself a best friend. Your best friend is getting married. And now your friends are getting married and they’ve asked you to be in the wedding party AND to give a toast at the reception. If you are one of the few, you cherish these public speaking opportunities. However, if you are one of the rest of us, you know you can’t turn it down but at the same time feel trepidation about your big speech.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner

Many brides-to-be, knowing the amount of details that need to be scheduled and organized for their wedding, choose to work with a Wedding Planner. This can be a blessing to personal schedules that are already crammed with appointments, social engagements and job requirements. When you start hunting for a good Wedding Planner for your wedding, […]

30 Days To Go! Checklist

30 Days To Go Checklist

After you’ve spent months or a year planning and scheduling every minute detail of your wedding, you will wake up one morning and realize that it’s the last few weeks before the ceremony and there are things you haven’t done. Don’t be surprised if your mind goes blank and you just cannot remember what needs […]